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September 23, 2023
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Egypt Archaeology (5)
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Ancient Egypt - British Museum Go
Explores Egyptian daily life, religion, pyramids and other buildings and mummification.

Great Buildings - Great Pyramid of Khufu - El Giza, Egypt Go
Great Pyramid of Khufu by unknown architect, at El Giza, Egypt, -2600 to -2480, in the Great Buildings Online.

Oriental Institute - The Nubia Salvage Project Go
Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago project to salvage in the reservoir area of the Aswan High Dam (1960-64).

The Deir el-Medîna Database Go
Database of non-literary documents found at Egyptian village of Deir el-Medina archaeology excavation.

Donald P. Ryan Go
Archaeologist at the Pacific Lutheran University who has directed several seasons of fieldwork in the Valley of the Kings. Photograph, research interests and projects.

Oriental Institute - The Chicago Demotic Dictionary (CDD) Go
News and updates on an ongoing project to create a dictionary of the demotic script in Chicago.

Reeder's Egypt Go
Dedicated to examining the art, archaeology, religion and history of Egypt.

The Great Pyramid Go
Tries to explain the scientific, philosophical and divine revelations of the Great Pyramid, as a biblical, chronological device.

Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Go
A popular approach to the topic, with amateur articles submitted by users and a picture tour. Embraces both mainstream news stories and amateur theories.

Egyptian Law Readings Go
A bibliography of texts regarding ancient Egyptian laws by Bernard Hibbitts, University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

Department of Egyptology, Goettingen University Go
Department of Egyptology and Coptic Studies at the Goettingen University. Features staff, lectures, recent projects, international publications.

Egypt Exploration Society Go
Publications, news, excavation reports and contact information concerning this British Egyptological society.

Akhet Internet Go
Resource for Egyptology, including a clickable mummy, original photography and UK Egyptology resources.

Australian Centre for Egyptology, Macquarie University Go
Information on projects, conferences, lectures and courses.

Thames Valley Ancient Egypt Society Go
For promotion of the study of ancient Egypt, based at the University of Reading.

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